You have reached the magical moment when you hopefully can relax and take advantage of places and events that you previously could not for whatever reason. Now is when you should see what you have accumulated and make certain that your bases are covered for the big items in terms of health coverage, funeral expenses, and yes, retirement income. This should already have happened but if not, meet with me to determine which company and product will meet your needs the best. Also, remember that you don't retire based on age. You retire based on money. If you are in a situation where you just retired and now think that you are going to work part-time somewhere else, all you have done is exchange one higher paying job for another probably lower paying job. What kind of sense does that make? One other BIG item at this point in your life is consideration of some type of long- term care. Nationally, about 70% of people will need this type of care in some form, whether it be in-home, assisted living or nursing home. This expense can destroy an estate very quickly.